Sign with a Multishard Polkadot Vault Wallet

Using Polkadot Vault in conjunction with Nova Spektr means you will use a mobile device to sign the operation.

It is important to note that the device which has Polkadot Vault installed on it should be:

  1. Factory Reset to remove any previous data

  2. Disconnected from the internet

  3. Set to airplane mode

If you turn off airplane mode, connect to the internet, or plug in your Polkadot Vault device to a computer that has internet access after setting up your Polkadot Vault you will need to repeat the process of installing and setting up Polkadot Vault.

Use the Nova Spektr for creating multishard staking operations. When the Multishard Polkadot Vault wallet type is used Nova Spektr offers to sign the operation with the Polkadot Vault.

The following steps include actions you must perform on both your Polkadot Vault Device and your Nova Spektr Device.

Actions for each device are clearly labelled below.

  1. Click on Sign with Polkadot Vault (Nova Spektr device).

  2. A multi-frame QR code should now be displayed (Nova Spektr device).

  3. Select Scan (Polkadot Vault Device).

  4. Scan the multi-frame QR code with your Polkadot Vault Device.

  5. Wait until all frames are scanned, then review the list of transaction details and select Unlock keys and sign (Polkadot Vault Device).

  6. A multi-frame QR code will now appear on your Polkadot Vault Device. In your Nova Spektr application select Continue and then scan this multi-frame QR code. Wait until all frames are scanned (Nova Spektr device).

  7. The Nova Spektr will show the result of submitting the operation.

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