Nova Spektr

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How to download Nova Spektr!

Unleash the full spectrum of multi-chain on Polkadot via Nova Spektr!

Members of the Novasama Technologies team will NEVER send you a direct message asking you to download a new update of Nova Spektr. Anyone doing so is trying to scam you.
Only download Nova Spektr via the official links.
Checksum 2ca88fcd86f191f8d43ef9a33f90ce9c72a7f668e610bfe1a72cf0d5ca4072be
Checksum 33812094df19d95f01e93b85f46c9cc05182a62f1de03fa659d7d32a1f4a4272
Checksum 3983034b7d684770510ac2cb3f8c005275b7f9a9cc3f444241c30507a25124a3
Checksum 7ec40a28216bd0dc2e5f8e265356bc4ddf7b31e571741ed436af0e955742c4c1
You can also download Nova Spektr from the official website or from the Novasama Technologies GitHub repository releases.