Wallet Management FAQ

Error: No Permission to Run the Camera – "Please make sure you grant access to camera"
  1. Click on the Apple menu and choose System Settings.

  2. Choose the Privacy and Security pane.

  3. Click Camera.

  4. Make sure that the box next to Nova Spektr is checked "on".

  5. You may need to restart Nova Spektr for the change to be applied.

What is Novasama Technologies Metadata Portal?

The Novasama Technologies Metadata Portal is primarily used to add and update networks for the Polkadot Vault cold storage wallet. Since Polkadot Vault is always offline and air-gapped, you need to follow a unique process to update the chain metadata so that your transactions are valid.

I Haven't Found The Networks I Need

If you cannot find the network you are looking for over at the Novasama Technologies Metadata Portal, then you will need to contact the network's developers directly.

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