Create a Multishard Wallet with Polkadot Vault

How to create a multishard wallet with Polkadot Vault!

It is important that you write down / do not forget your derivation paths.

The following steps need to be carried out on your Polkadot Vault Device.

  1. Open the Polkadot Vault application.

  2. Select New Seed.

  3. Input a nickname for your account, and select Next.

  4. Make a copy of your Mnemonic Passphrase.

  5. Select the confirmation I've written down my secret recovery phrase & I understand that if I lose my secret phrase, my funds will be lost forever.

  6. Select Next.

  7. Select the Keys Sets tab.

  8. Select your account's nickname.

  9. Select + button.

  10. Select network and enter the derivation path for new shard.

  11. Select Create Derived Key.

  12. Select the confirmation I have written down my derivation path name.

Add as many derivations as you need for each network where you’re going to manage funds.

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