Create Multisig Wallet

How to create a multisig wallet in Nova Spektr!

A multisig wallet allows you to manage multisig accounts and create, sign and reject collaborative multisig operations. The following steps include actions you must perform in your Nova Spektr application.

For demonstration purposes, we chose a multi-chain multisig wallet.

  1. Open the Wallet tab.

  2. Click to add Multisig wallet.

If your Spektr Matrix Protocol credentials were not set before, then Nova Spektr will ask you for your Matrix credentials.

  1. Choose either a single or multi-chain Multisig wallet.

  2. Add signatories for the Multisig wallet.

At least one of the signatories must be a wallet that you control in Nova Spektr. Other signatories may be selected from the Address book.

  1. Enter a name for your Multisig wallet.

In case you chose a single-chain Multisig wallet...

You can specify which chain you want to create your Multisig wallet by the dropdown.

  1. Choose the Multisig wallet threshold and proceed.

  2. Review all of the contextual information and select Create.

If other signatories use Nova Spektr then they get the notification about the Multisig wallet's creation and the Multisig wallet will be added automatically to the other signatories’ Nova Spektr application.

Signatories also get in-app notifications when they are invited to the multisig account.

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