Polkadot Vault Wallet [Legacy]

All you need to know about using Nova Spektr with Polkadot Vault!

Polkadot Vault (Formerly Parity Signer) is a cold storage solution that allows you to turn your iOS or Android device into a dedicated hardware wallet for Polkadot, Kusama, and other Substrate-based chains. Your keys are kept secure (i.e. offline) at all times, and transactions are signed in an air-gapped way via QR codes.

The device on which you install Nova Spektr has to have a camera so that it can scan QR codes. This can be a laptop camera or an external webcam.

It is important to note that the device which has Polkadot Vault installed on it should be:

  1. Factory Reset to remove any previous data

  2. Disconnected from the internet

  3. Set to airplane mode

If you turn off airplane mode, connect to the internet, or plug in your Polkadot Vault device to a computer that has internet access after setting up your Polkadot Vault you will need to repeat the process of installing and setting up Polkadot Vault.

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