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The key thing to remember about Polkadot ecosystem tokens

Being a user of the Polkadot ecosystem means that there are lots of different types of token standards that you should be familiar with.

The most common user mistake in the Polkadot ecosystem is sending tokens to an exchange from the incorrect chain. For example, if you send DOT tokens from the Asset Hub parachain to a centralized exchange (CEX), it is very unlikely that you will receive your DOT tokens on the exchange.

This is because the CEX has configured their wallet to only show you DOT tokens which have been received on the Polkadot relay chain. In reality, the CEX has indeed received your DOT tokens, and they will actually be in your account (on the Asset Hub parachain), but it will likely take you a long time to convince the CEX to investigate your issue.

So, please ensure you are sending tokens to the correct network.

For demonstration purposes, we chose a Single Polkadot Vault account.

  1. Choose your preferred wallet from the wallet drop-down by clicking on the wallet card.

  2. On the Assets page, select the asset you’d like to send and click on the send icon.

  3. By default, Nova Spektr selects the destination chain to be the same as the origin chain. You can change the destination chain from the drop-down list.

For specific tokens, the recipient network selector is not visible, as cross-chain transfer has not been implemented yet.

  1. Enter the recipient's account address.

  2. Enter the transfer amount.

  1. Continue and review all of the contextual information.

The way of signing depends on the wallet type.

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