Add a Polkadot Vault Multishard Wallet to Nova Spektr

How to add/pair a Polkadot Vault multishard wallet to Nova Spektr!

The multishard wallet allows you to manage multiple accounts in a single action.

The following steps include actions you must perform on both your Polkadot Vault Device and your Nova Spektr Device.

Actions for each device are clearly labelled below.

  1. Select the Keys Sets tab in the Polkadot Vault Application (Polkadot Vault Device).

  2. Select your account's nickname (Polkadot Vault Device).

  3. Select 3 dots ... at the top right corner (Polkadot Vault Device).

  4. Select Export Keys (Polkadot Vault Device).

  5. Select derivation paths that should be exported or Select All (Polkadot Vault Device).

  6. Select Export (Polkadot Vault Device).

  7. A multi-frame QR code should now be displayed (Polkadot Vault Device).

  8. Open the Nova Spektr application (Nova Spektr device).

  9. Open the wallet tab located in the top left (Nova Spektr device).

  10. Select Add then Polkadot Vault (Nova Spektr device).

  11. Read the on-screen prompt and Select Scan QR code (Nova Spektr device).

  12. Point the camera of your Nova Spektr device so that it captures the image of the multi-frame QR code which is displayed on your Polkadot Vault Device.

  13. Wait until all frames are scanned.

  14. Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, Select Continue (Nova Spektr device).

Nova Spektr checks if there are accounts with different derivation paths. If all accounts have the same derivation path (or empty derivation path) then the Nova Spektr creates a Single Polkadot Vault.

  1. Input names for your shards or name them automatically (Nova Spektr device).

  2. Input a wallet name for your account (Nova Spektr device).

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