Import Derivation Path Keys

How to import Polkadot Vault Derivation Path Keys into Nova Spektr

The following steps include actions you must perform on both your Polkadot Vault Device and your Nova Spektr Device.

Actions for each device are clearly labelled below.

In case you are adding your first wallet...

Please follow the first 6 steps from the Pair with Polkadot Vault page then choose the Import keys option at the top right and continue here from step 5.

  1. Open the Nova Spektr Application (Nova Spektr device).

  2. Select the wallets dropdown located at the top left of the screen (Nova Spektr device).

  3. Navigate your cursor over your desired Polkadot Vault wallet then click on the information icon at the right (Nova Spektr device).

  4. You will now see the details of your Polkadot Vault wallet, including all the derivation paths.

  5. Select the 3 horizontal dots at the top right corner then choose Import keys (Nova Spektr device).

  6. Now you need to select the Select .yaml file on your computer button and then navigate to the appropriate .yaml file which contains your derivation paths (Nova Spektr device).

  7. Once you have selected the .yaml file – some information regarding the number of keys (derivation paths) will be displayed. Select Continue (Nova Spektr device).

  8. Select Continue once more (Nova Spektr device).

  9. Using your (Polkadot Vault Device), scan the QR code that has appeared on your (Nova Spektr device).

  10. A QR code will now appear on your (Polkadot Vault Device), point the camera of your (Nova Spektr device) so that it captures the image of the QR code which is displayed on your (Polkadot Vault Device).

  11. Your Polkadot Vault wallet is now paired with Nova Spektr.

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